Penelope is currently producing her first written play Pigeons.

Pigeons will be part of the Camden Fringe 2019, playing at the Hen & Chickens Theatre from July 31-August 2nd at 6.15pm, directed by Dugald Bruce-Lockhart and starring Marlene Sidaway (from BBC comedy series MUM, Coronation Street) and introducing Max Fricker.

Is communication really improving in the 21st Century?

Under the watchful gaze of a pair of amorous pigeons, a park bench proves an unlikely venue for a pivotal meeting of minds between an elderly lady and a young man struggling with relationship issues and embracing his true self.

Separated by a brace of generations and life choices, these passing strangers nonetheless bridge the perceived technological and misconceived divide and prosper from each other’s wisdom, proving that good ol’ fashioned face to face conversation and social media need not be antagonists, and that we’re never too old or young to learn about what it is to be human.

One bench.                 One phone.                   Two confessions.

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